The 411 to Effectively Treat Acne Once and for All

Over the centuries, acne formulations have differed, but only to some extent. Believe it or not, most products on the market contain ingredients that were utilized hundreds of years ago to combat mild, moderate, or severe acne on people of different ages.

Sulfur Has Never Failed to Impress

One of the most popular ingredients found in acne skincare treatments that have been used since almost the beginning of time is sulfur. It is well-known that pharaohs used to sit for significant periods of time in tubs that had water and sulfur. This mixture caused their pimples to dry-up within a few hours. Nowadays, one can find refined sulfur in tubes. You can utilize this solution as a mask or as a spot treatment. Sulfur is certainly a great last-minute resort.

Being Gentle with Your Skin Has Always Been a Must

Even if you find an acne treatment that is effective, most of the times it is common for red marks to be left behind. The severity of this redness will depend on how you treat your skin. You have to be gentle with it at all times. Picking on it will only cause severe redness and the possibility of scarring.

Having acne scars can become a more serious matter than acne. In order for you get rid of this type of scarring, you would have to wait many months or even years like they did in the old days or you could opt to consult a certified dermatologist. The solutions that this type of practitioner might present could involve lasers and definitely be pricey.

Effective Daily Routine

When suffering from acne, it is crucial to use a gentle cleanser and a benzoyl-peroxide, salicylic, or retinoid treatment to follow with afterward. Benzoyl-peroxide and salicylic are two solutions that have been used for many years, too, with great success. Furthermore, exfoliating has always been a must. Exfoliating your face at least three times a week is important to ensure that your pores do not clog. Remember to make sure that every product in your routine is free from fragrance.

Fragrance Has Always Been One of Skin’s Worst Enemies

There is a misconception that only people who have sensitive skin should stay away from products that contain fragrance, but that is inaccurate. No matter the type of skin that you have, you should not apply any product on it that has fragrance, no matter the percentage of it. Fragrance can make your skin red for many years to come and even make your acne and other skin matters worse. You should always be on the lookout for acne skincare products that have the term ‘fragrance-free’ on their packaging. Contrary to popular belief, organic skincare products are not free from fragrance. Even if it is natural fragrance, it can cause the aforementioned issues within a short period of time. arti nama

Always Keep Track of Your Progress

It is highly recommended that you keep track of your progress. Taking photos of your face and any other area affected by acne can permit you to discover the level of effectiveness of your current skincare routine. If after four months there is no improvement, you should modify it until you hit the nail on the head!

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