Natural Acne Treatments for Women

Are you tired of store-bought acne products that do nothing for your skin? Have you found that even the ones your dermatologist recommended are not effective? Then consider using natural acne treatments. These treatments are made with things you can find in the produce section of a supermarket or even in your medicine cabinet. For example, apple cider vinegar can be used to suppress skin inflammation because of the succinic acid it contains. Here are additional natural acne treatments to consider.

Tea Tree Oil

Like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil can assist with reducing skin inflammation. Purchase a serum, cleanser, or moisturizing cream that has tea tree oil as one of the ingredients. If you’re making a face mask with plain yogurt, add a few drops of the oil to it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has numerous benefits for the skin, and it makes a cool acne treatment. For those with dry skin, the high water content in aloe vera causes you to have better-hydrated skin. This means you’ll have a greater chance of fighting acne. Look for a gel that has at least ten percent of aloe vera.


This is another remedy that some people use to treat acne problems. Honey has antibacterial qualities, and you can combine it with oatmeal and tea tree oil to create a facial mask at night. Also, look for a moisturizing cream that has honey and other natural ingredients.

Witch Hazel

Because witch hazel is an astringent that reduces big pimples and other blemishes, it is one of the best acne treatments around. Apply a little on your pimples every night for a few weeks.


Did you know that plain yogurt does an amazing job of treating acne? Yogurt is a natural cleanser and if you use a brand that contains prebiotics, you have a better chance of improving your skin. Add honey and lemon juice to the yogurt for that extra boost.

Kaolin Clay

Here is why kaolin clay works so well for acne. It does a good job of eliminating the excess dead skin, clears clogged pores, and it sucks up excess oil in your skin. Kaolin clay is also a gentle exfoliator. You can find this product at some drugstores and online retailers.


The good thing about reservatrol is that it minimizes inflammation in your skin, leading to less acne. Reservatrol is also effective in blocking NF-kappaB, which is the molecule that increases the appearance of acne. Red grapes and red wine both have reservatrol, so consume more of these for clearer skin.

Lemon Juice

One reason why lemon juice is amazing for treating acne is that it has antifungal properties. Because lemon is a citrus fruit, the juice could also boost collagen in your skin and offers the vitamin C that is important in improving your skin.

Egg Whites

Egg whites unclog your skin’s pores and reduce inflammation.

In conclusion, when you use these remedies, you can treat acne without paying hundreds of dollars to do it. These remedies are also made with ingredients that are readily available in most places.

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